Hudson Valley Planning Services

Luminary Weddings is a full-service wedding planning agency specializing in making your Hudson Valley area wedding the event of your lifetime. From the event producers of Luminary Media, Luminary Weddings utilizes their Hudson Valley partnerships to make your planning as seamless and easy as possible, keeping all the little details in mind so you don’t have to.

Customize your own service package choosing from our wide variety of offerings below so you get the planning services you need while sticking to your budget!

DSC_8513 (1)Budget management
Assigning yourself a realistic budget, and sticking to it, is something that you’ll find to be very beneficial later on, but not something you should have to worry about. The Luminary Wedding experts will assist you in creating, managing, and sticking to your budget. Learn More→

Wedding concept and visualization
With so many options these days, traditional vs non-traditional, barn vs banquet hall, you want to make sure your vision for your special day shines through. By careful consideration of your wants and needs, we’ll assist you in making sure your day is just as you pictured it. Learn More→

Vendor interviews and recommendations
Not only do we have some of the best connections in the Hudson Valley for catering, event rentals, flowers, wedding rings, and more, we’ll ensure you have a fair price and shop around so you don’t have to do it. Learn More→

Contract and agreement review
Remember when your parents said you shouldn’t sign anything without reading it first? We’ll review all of your vendor, venue, and service contracts and let you know if you’re good to sign off on them! Learn More→

Appointment scheduling and coordination
Don’t overwhelm your calendar! We’ll take care of scheduling appointments, consultations, tastings, and more so you don’t have to. Learn More→

Rental and delivery scheduling and coordination
When will the tables arrive? And the chairs? And the linens? Let us worry about delivery drop offs and pick ups. You just enjoy. Learn More→

Week- or day-of timeline creation
Timing really is everything, especially when it comes to the week of your wedding. We’ll work with you to create a timeline for everything including when Aunt Ida needs to be picked up from the airport or helping Grandma Helen check in to the hotel. We can help you coordinate week of activities for family and friends around the Hudson Valley too! Learn More→

Rehearsal dinner management and coordination
Will Mom or Dad say a few words? When will the appetizers come out? You let us worry about all the little details and just spend quality time with your significant other before the big day! Learn More→

Wedding day management and coordination
The time has finally arrived and you want to make sure the best man shows up on time and everyone knows when to walk and where to stand! Leave everything to us, we’ll make sure the whole day stays on time. All you have to do is look great and walk down the aisle. Learn More→